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Conquest of Space

(Conquest of Space)


This is a story of tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, when men have built a station in space, constructed in the form of a great wheel, and set a thousand miles out from the Earth, fixed by gravity, and turning about the world every two hours, serving a double purpose: an observation post in the heavens, and a place where a spaceship can be assembled, and then launched to explore other planets, and the vast universe itself, in the last and greatest adventure of mankind, the plunge toward the... conquest of space!

A movie directed by Byron Haskin

1955 - 81 minutes - Color - Mono - 1.85

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Main Cast

  • Gen. Samuel T. Merritt
  • Capt. Barney Merritt
  • Sgt. Mahoney
  • Jackie Siegle
  • Roy Cooper
  • Dr. George Fenton
  • Imoto
  • Andre Fodor
  • Sanella
  • Donkersgoed
  • Elsbach
  • Rosie McCann
  • Mrs. Heinz Fodor



Also Known As

  • Mars Project (inc)
  • Покорение космоса (inc)

Release dates

  • April 20, 1955
  • April 20, 1955