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Colour from the Dark

(Colour from the Dark)


It's the 1940s, and World War II is raging, Pietro and Lucia live on an isolated farm with Alice, Luicia's younger sister. Alice is a 23 year old who suffers from severe mental problems. They live their simple lives tilling the soul as poor farmers. Pietro is a good worker and a strong man, who unlike his three brothers, is not at war because of a deformed knee. Lucia is a beautiful and reserved woman dedicated to her family. Their life is peaceful and good, in spite of the hard work and isolation. One day, while drawing water from he well, Pietro and Alice stir something at the bottom, at first an apparently insignificant event, which frees something from Earth's womb. A strange and alien color flashes underwater, at the well's bottom, the disappears. From that moment on, inexplicable vegetation glitters with a sinister glow. The color soon takes a hold of the entire farm, and seeps inside Pietro and his family's mind, drawing them into its sick world of pain, blood and death....

A movie directed by Ivan Zuccon

2008 - 92 minutes - Color - NC

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