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The Thing from Another World

(The Thing from Another World)


Anchorage - Alaska: Captain Patrick Hendry and his flight crew are instructed to fly to a remote scientific outpost in the desolate arctic to investigate a crash of a UFO. Arriving at the crash site, the team discovers a "flying saucer" buried under the ice. With the help of thermal bombs, they try to release the saucer, but something goes wrong and an explosion completely destroys the spacecraft. Following the explosion, a closer investigation of the area discloses an alien humanoid form frozen just below the surface of the ice sheet. They remove the "creature" and transport it back to the outpost still frozen in a block of ice. When the block of ice accidently melts, "The Thing" comes to life... and terror stalks the corridors of the facility.

A movie directed by Christian Nyby, Howard Hawks

1951 - 87 minutes - Black & White - Mono - 1.78

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Main Cast

  • Nikki
  • Captain Patrick Hendry
  • Dr. Arthur Carrington
  • Scotty
  • Lt. Eddie Dykes
  • Crew Chief Bob
  • Lt. Ken 'Mac' MacPherson
  • Corporal Barnes
  • Dr. Stern
  • Mrs. Chapman
  • 'The Thing'

Also Known As

  • Howard Hawks' Production The Thing from Another World (inc)
  • Нечто (inc)
  • The Thing (us)
  • The Thing from Another World! (us)

Release dates

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