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Honey I Blew Up the Kid

(Honey I Blew Up the Kid)


Wayne Szalinski, the inventor who accidentally shrunk his kids in "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids," has sold his invention to a big laboratory and moved his family to a suburb outside Las Vegas. Working at home one day, he accidentally uses his new growth ray on his two-year-old son Adam. Adam quickly grows out of control, causing havoc for the family and attracting the attention of the government and greedy scientists. (Josh)

A movie directed by Randal Kleiser

1992 - 89 minutes - Color - Dolby Digital - 1.85

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Main Cast

  • Wayne Szalinski
  • Diane Szalinski
  • Nick Szalinski
  • Adam Szalinski
  • Adam Szalinski
  • Clifford Sterling
  • Dr. Charles Hendrickson
  • Mandy Park
  • Marshall Brooks
  • Amy Szalinski
  • Captain Ed Myerson
  • Terence Wheeler
  • Constance Winters
  • Nosey Neighbor
  • Nosey Neighbor

Also Known As

  • Big Baby (us)
  • Honey, I Blew Up the Baby (us)

Release dates

  • February 05, 1993
  • July 17, 1992
  • January 01, 1993
  • February 05, 1993
  • July 17, 1992