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The Castle of Fu Manchu

(The Castle of Fu Manchu)


Fu-Manchu, the diabolical super-villain who along with his sadistic daughter Lin Tang creates a fiendish new chemical weapon that will turn the seas into a giant block of ice. But when his Archenemy Nayland Smith tracks the madman's trail of kidnapping, murder and massive global destruction, he himself becomes trapped in Fu's impenetrable lair of cruelty. Can any of the world's top secret agents now stop the cold-blooded terror that lives in the The Castle Of Fu Manchu?

A movie directed by Jesus Franco

1969 - 85 minutes - Color - Mono - 1.66

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Also Known As

  • El castillo de Fu-Manchu (es)
  • Замок Фу Манчу (inc)
  • Sax Rohmer's The Castle of Fu Manchu (inc)
  • Assignment Istanbul (inc)
  • Fu Manchu's Castle (inc)
  • The Torture Chamber of Fu Manchu (inc)
  • Il castello di Fu Manchu (it)
  • Die Folterkammer des Dr. Fu-Manchu (rfa)

Release dates

  • September 18, 1972
  • May 30, 1969
  • September 18, 1972
  • May 30, 1969