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Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks

(Terror! Il castello delle donne maledette)


Count Frankenstein latest creature is a goofy, domeheaded Neanderthal man he's brought back to life and cleverly named Goliath. Typical of monsters, Goliath also has the hots for Frankenstein's new squeeze, Krista, who likes to bathe in milk. Things turn ugly, however, when Genz, a horny necrophile dwarf, is expelled from the castle for leaving his footprint at the scene of a recent grave robbery and promptly makes friends with Ook, a second Neanderthal man who just happens to be passing through town. Out for revenge, Genz lets Goliath loose to go head to pointy-head with Ook in a good old-fashioned monster rumble....

A movie directed by Dick Randall

1974 - 89 minutes - Color - Mono - 1.66

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Also Known As

  • Frankenstein's Castle (inc)
  • The Monsters of Dr. Frankenstein (inc)
  • The House of Freaks (inc)
  • Terror Castle (inc)
  • Terror (inc)
  • Monsters of Frankenstein (inc)
  • Dr. Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks (us)

Release dates

  • February 19, 1974
  • February 19, 1974