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The Creeping Flesh

(The Creeping Flesh)


Can an evil human being be cured? Emmanuel Hildern, a 19th-century scientist, believes it can, and develops serum from the blood of evil men. While his half-brother James, who runs a mental institution, envies Emmanuel's accomplishments, his daughter Penelope does not. Born of an insane mother, the girl is injected with her father's serum, slashes a sailor and kills an escaped madman. Sadly, she must then be committed to her uncle's asylum. Undaunted, Emmanuel continues his experiments on a primitive skeleton, inadvertently creating an evil monster when the skeleton comes to life. The trauma of the events that follow drives Emmanuel insane and frees the creature to spread its reign of terror...

A movie directed by Freddie Francis

1973 - 94 minutes - Color - Mono - 1.85

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Main Cast

  • James Hildern
  • Emmanuel Hildern
  • Penelope
  • Waterlow
  • Lenny
  • Inspector
  • Barman
  • Doctor Perry
  • Carter
  • Emily
  • Young Aristocrat
  • Young Doctor
  • Karl
  • Sailor
  • Female Assistant

Also Known As

  • Ползающая плоть (inc)

Release dates

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