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The Brain That Wouldn't Die

(The Brain That Wouldn't Die)


Dr. Cortner has been unsuccessfully experimenting with transplant surgery, as evidenced by the hideous mutilation of his lab assistant. When Cortner's fiancée is decapitated in a car accident, he saves her head and rushes it back to his lab. He keeps the head alive with a secret serum that he has developed for his freakish experiments. Through the electrodes and wires, Jan conveys her desire to "please, let me die" in chilling whispers, but the good doctor has better plans. He prowls strip joints for a body to match the head of his girlfriend. She, meanwhile, develops a psychic connection with the horrifying monster who lives in the closet. The mutant giant and Jan plot a revenge so terrible it raises the bar on cinematic gore for its time...

A movie directed by Joseph Green

1962 - 82 minutes - Black & White - Mono - 1.66

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Main Cast

  • Dr. Bill Cortner
  • Jan Compton / Jan in the Pan
  • Kurt
  • Doris Powell
  • Blonde Stripper
  • Brunet Stripper
  • Peggy Howard
  • Dr. Cortner
  • Photographer
  • Medical Assistant
  • Donna Williams
  • Nurse
  • Beauty Contest M.C.
  • Jeannie Reynolds
  • Monster

Also Known As

  • The Head That Wouldn't Die (inc)
  • Мозг, который не мог умереть (inc)
  • The Black Door (us)

Release dates

  • August 10, 1962
  • August 10, 1962