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Donovan's Brain

(Donovan's Brain)


Dr. Patrick Cory has a hideous hobby -- he keeps brains alive! So when then brain of dead millionaire W.H. Donovan falls into his possession, bringing him back becomes his obsession. But the cunning cranium has its own agenda to control the doctor's mind through telepathic messages! Now, Cory's wife must put a stop to the devious brain before it destroys the man she loves and her in the process...

A movie directed by Felix E. Feist

1953 - 84 minutes - Black & White - Mono - 1.37

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Main Cast

  • Dr. Patrick J. Cory
  • Dr. Frank Schratt
  • Janice Cory
  • Herbie Yocum
  • Donovan's Washington Advisor
  • Chloe Donovan
  • Chief Tuttle
  • Nathaniel Fuller
  • Tom Donovan
  • Mr. Webster
  • Treasury Agent Brooke
  • Tailor



Also Known As

  • Мозг Донована (inc)

Release dates

  • September 30, 1953
  • September 30, 1953