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Cat-Women of the Moon

(Cat-Women of the Moon)


Thrills and chills as Moon Rocket 4 and its crew dodge menacing meteors before touching down on the Moon's barren surface. Helen, their sexy navigator, experiences deja vu and leads them into a pressurized underground cavern filled with giant, carnivorous spiders ans subterranean sweeties dressed in black tights.

These intergalactic felines are the purrect hosts, but the scratching post ahead tells you something's wrong with this litter of kittens...

A movie directed by Arthur Hilton

1953 - 64 minutes - Black & White - Mono - 1.85

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Main Cast

  • Laird Grainger
  • Kip Reissner
  • Helen Salinger
  • Douglas 'Doug' Smith
  • Walter 'Walt' Walters
  • Alpha
  • Lambda
  • Beta
  • Cat-Woman
  • Cat-Woman
  • Cat-Woman
  • Cat-Woman



Also Known As

  • Rocket to the Moon (inc)

Release dates

  • September 03, 1953
  • September 03, 1953