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Capricorn One

(Capricorn One)


A rocket with 3 astronauts on board has the mission to land on Mars. Brubaker, Willis and Walker take place in the capsule and wait for the departure. The countdown has begun when suddenly, the capsule opens. The astronauts are asked to leave quickly their machine. They are evacuated by an airplane and nevertheless, the rocket will leave as if nothing happened...

In an old military base, someone explains the situation to the three astronauts. Pretexting that the system of surviving was failing and that they would have perished in this trip, but to not disappoint the public and to preserve capital for other expeditions, the Nasa preferred to simulate the first steps on Mars...

A movie directed by Peter Hyams

1977 - 123 minutes - Color - Stereo - 2.20

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Main Cast

  • Robert Caulfield
  • Charles Brubaker
  • Kay Brubaker
  • Peter Willis
  • John Walker
  • Dr. James Kelloway
  • Judy Drinkwater
  • Albain
  • Hollis Peaker
  • Walter Loughlin
  • Sharon Willis
  • Betty Walker
  • Elliot Whitter
  • Control Room Man
  • Capsule Communicator

Also Known As

  • Козерог один (inc)

Release dates

  • January 11, 1979
  • June 02, 1978
  • July 27, 1978
  • January 11, 1979
  • June 02, 1978