Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons

(Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons)


Earth is under attack by the ultra-powerful Mysterons and one man holds the key to survival--Captain Scarlet! During a mission to Mars in 2068, agents of earth's Spectrum security force start an interplanetary war when they destroy the ancient city of the Mysterons, an invisible race with the ability to assume the form of any object or person they destroy. But their attempt to take over Spectrum's top agent--Captain Scarlet--fails, and he becomes their most powerful and implacable enemy...

A series created by Gerry Anderson, Sylvia Anderson

1 season - 32 episodes

1967 - 25 minutes - Color - Mono - 1.33

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Main Cast

  • Captain Blue
  • The Mysterons
  • Captain Scarlet
  • Melody Angel
  • Lieutenant Green
  • Symphony Angel
  • Destiny Angel
  • Captain Grey
  • Captain Ochre
  • Captain Brown
  • Guard
  • Captain Magenta
  • Commodore Goddard
  • Harmony Angel

Also Known As

  • Марсианские войны капитана Скарлета (inc)
  • Captain Scarlet (us)

Release dates

  • September 29, 1967
  • September 29, 1967