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Dr. Blood's Coffin

(Doctor Blood's Coffin)


A Cornish village doctor, Peter Blood, believes he can create the perfect human. When his bloody experiments cause him to be dismissed from a hospital, he returns to join his father's practice. Enamored of his widowed receptionist, Blood sets up a secret lab inside an abandoned mine and attempts to revive the rotting corpse of her husband. Soon the streets of the nearby village start becoming less populated as Dr. Blood seeks living "donors" for his bloody surgeries...

A movie directed by Sidney J. Furie

1961 - 92 minutes - Color - Mono - 1.85

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Main Cast

  • Dr. Peter Blood
  • Nurse Linda Parker
  • Dr. Robert Blood, Peter's Father
  • Sgt. Cook
  • Mr. G. F. Morton
  • Tregaye
  • Prof. Luckman
  • Steve Parker, Linda's Husband
  • George Beale the Tunnel Expert



Also Known As

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Release dates

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