Buck Rogers

(Buck Rogers)


Preserved in suspended animation for 500 years by a gas that was present in the cabin of their arctic-ice-wrecked balloon, Buck Rogers and Buddy are saved in the year 2440 by scientists who are searching the world for the despot Killer Kane, who, together with his men, is imposing his terrible laws.

By using a fantastic arsenal of weapons created in the clandestine laboratory of Doctor Huer, the group tries to ally with the planet Saturn to defeat the tyrannical leader. But Killer Kane's henchmen have already taken control of the Prince of Saturn ...

A series created by Ford Beebe, Saul A. Goodkind

1 season - 12 episodes

1939 - 237 minutes - Black & White - Mono - 1.37

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Main Cast

  • Buck Rogers
  • Wilma Deering
  • George 'Buddy' Wade
  • Captain Rankin
  • Killer Kane
  • Prince Tallen
  • Professor Huer
  • Aldar
  • Air Marshal Kragg
  • Captain Laska
  • Lieutenant Patten
  • Lieutenant Lacy
  • Scott
  • Captain Roberts



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Also Known As

  • Buck Rogers Conquers the Universe (us)

Release dates

  • April 11, 1939
  • April 11, 1939