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Beast of Blood

(Beast of Blood)


A ship returning to Blood Island, catches fire and explodes after its crew is slaughtered by the gruesome half-dead creature of green-blood. Both the horrendous creature and a scientist make it back to shore. Dr. Lorca, now claiming to be "madder than ever," has removed monstrous Don Ramon's head and is keeping it alive in his lab for experimental purposes as he attempts to attach various other heads to the hulking headless body. Ashley and Yarnall journeys to the forbidden Valley of Doom, where they find all of the hideous creatures from Lorca's failed experiments. They have to fight their way out as they trek to the hidden cave where the evil doctor has his headless wonder...

A movie directed by Eddie Romero

1970 - 90 minutes - Color - Mono - 1.85

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Main Cast

  • Dr. Bill Foster
  • Myra J. Russell
  • Dr. Lorca
  • Laida
  • Ramu, tribe leader
  • Razak, lead henchman
  • ...
  • The Captain
  • ...

Also Known As

  • Blood Devils (inc)
  • Return to the Horrors of Blood Island (inc)
  • Horrors of Blood Island (inc)
  • Beast of Blood Island (us)
  • Beast of the Dead (us)

Release dates

  • January 27, 1971
  • May 06, 1970 (Levittown, PA)
  • May 08, 1970 (Levittown, PA)
  • January 27, 1971