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Battle of the Stars

(Battaglie negli spazi stellari)


The spaceship Magellan, somewhere in outer space, discovers an underground city on an asteroid where rules a strong magnetic activity. The exploration team is under attack. The Magellan takes off urgently and has just the time to warn the Earth space base Altaïr, when spaceships fly to its pursuit and destroy it. It is clear that the Earth is on the way to undergo an alien invasion and the failure of the planet defense system is worrying. With these events, terrestrial force carry all their hopes on Mike Leyton, the inventor of a new system of defense...

A movie directed by Alfonso Brescia

1978 - 96 minutes - Color - Mono - NC

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Also Known As

  • War in Space (us)

Release dates

  • February 17, 1978
  • February 17, 1978