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Babylon 5: A Call to Arms

(Babylon 5: A Call to Arms)


The Third Age of Mankind has dawned after the long and bitter war against the Shadows, in which billions perished and entire worlds died. At last, Interstellar Alliance President John Sheridan has forged peace in the galaxy. Peace is shattered by a grim warning from the edge of known space: the shadows had allies, dark servants intent on wreaking genocidal vengeance on Earth in a suicidal attack. Only a strange group of warriors thrown together by the fatal threat can stop the deadly arsenal hurled at Earth. Their only weapons: the Victory and Excalibur, new ships of awesome potential but untried in battle.

Against such overwhelming odds only an act of desperate heroism will tear victory from the jaws of defeat. The price of failure - Earth will be a dead world, a scorched and plague-ridden charnel-house. Who will make the supreme sacrifice when they hear The Call To Arms?

A TV Movie directed by Michael Vejar

1999 - 94 minutes - Color - Dolby - NC

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Main Cast

  • John J. Sheridan
  • Michael Garibaldi
  • Zack Allen
  • Dureena Nafeel
  • Galen
  • Leonard Anderson
  • Capt. Elizabeth Lochley
  • Drake
  • Bishop
  • First Officer
  • Drakh
  • Communications
  • Navigation
  • Drazi
  • Minbari Ranger



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Also Known As

  • A Call to Arms (inc)

Release dates

  • January 03, 1999
  • January 03, 1999