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A Sound of Thunder

(A Sound of Thunder)


Chicago, 2055. Time Safari, Inc. led by its slick CEO (Ben Kingsley), offers the hottest ticket around: an expedition into the past to hunt dinosaurs. Just don't bring anything back. Someone does. And 65 million years of evolution jump the tracks. Vegetation engulfs buildings. Carnivorous insects attack. Highly evolved dinosaur descendants turn humanity from predator to prey. It used to be our world. Now it's theirs...unless two scientists (Edward Burns and Catherine McCormack) can somehow turn back the clock.

A movie directed by Peter Hyams

2005 - 110 minutes - Color - Dolby Digital - 2.35

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Also Known As

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Release dates

  • November 24, 2005
  • September 02, 2005
  • November 24, 2005
  • January 11, 2007 (DVD premiere)
  • September 02, 2005