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Its 2073 and a robot probe is sent back to the year 1973 as part of a time-travel experiment. But it all goes terribly wrong and one of the scientists working on the project, Nicholas Sinclair, is sent into a plaugue infested alternative time. To make matters worse the inhabitants of this world are fighting a losing battle against robot probes that appear to be coming from Sinclair's lab, leaving it up to him to save the day, and the alternative world…

A movie directed by Phillip J. Roth

1994 - 98 minutes - Color - Dolby Digital - NC

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Main Cast

  • Nicholas Sinclair
  • Shepherd
  • Natasha Sinclair
  • Taylor
  • Rasheed
  • Dr. Elgin
  • Desert Rat
  • Mishima
  • Johnson
  • Gunney
  • 1973 Father
  • 1973 Mother
  • Joey
  • Old Man
  • Desert Child



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Also Known As

  • Apex (us)

Release dates

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