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The Amazing Mr. Blunden

(The Amazing Mr. Blunden)


After their mother is hired as the caretaker of a sprawling Victorian mansion, a pair of youngsters have their first encounter with a ghost. They are transported back in time where they come to the aid of two children who were murdered during the early part of the last century...

A movie directed by Lionel Jeffries

1972 - 99 minutes - Color - Mono - 1.85

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Main Cast

  • Mr. Clutterbuck
  • Mrs. Allen
  • Benjamin
  • Thomas
  • Meakin, Mrs. Wickens' Servant
  • Mr. Wickens
  • Bella
  • Uncle Bertie
  • Mrs. Wickens the Housekeeper
  • Sara Latimer
  • Georgie Latimer
  • Jamie Allen
  • Lucy Allen
  • Mr. Blunden
  • Mr. Claverton



Also Known As

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Release dates

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