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Alien Nation

(Alien Nation)


That was the scene in California's Mojave Desert five years ago - our historic first view of the Newcomers' ship. Theirs was a slave ship, carrying a quarter million beings bred to adapt and labour in any environment. But they'd washed ashore on Earth, with no way to get back to where they came from. And in the last five years, the Newcomers have become the latest addition to the population of Los Angeles...

Alien Nation is a series that takes place at Los Angeles in 1993. Five years earlier, a spaceship, the Gruza, transporting a quarter of million of alien slaves crashed in the desert of Mojave. Very soon after, the Tenctonese assimilate the residents of Los Angeles and attempt to integrate into human society.(Correction kmo)

A series created by Kenneth Johnson

1 season - 23 episodes

1989 - 60 minutes - Color - Stereo - 1.33

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Main Cast

  • Detective Matthew Sikes
  • Detective George Francisco
  • Susan Francisco
  • Emily Francisco
  • Buck Francisco
  • Cathy Frankel
  • Albert Einstein
  • Captain Bryon Grazer
  • Burns
  • Jill Molaskey
  • Sergeant Dobbs
  • Dr. Lois Allen
  • Uncle Moodri
  • Det. Beatrice Zapeda
  • Blentu

Also Known As

  • Чужая нация (inc)

Release dates

  • October 03, 1990
  • September 18, 1989
  • September 25, 1989
  • October 03, 1990
  • September 18, 1989
  • September 25, 1989