Alien Avengers

(Alien Avengers)


When Joseph inherits a debt-ridden boarding house he needs to find tenants right away. One stormy night, they arrive on his doorstep. It's Charlie and his wife Rhonda. The justice-loving couple is on vacation to expose their beautiful daughter Daphne to different cultures, and they've chosen to take this year's trip to ... earth! Fortunately, the neighborhood offers enough villains to satisfy vigilantes from any galaxy, and the action-adventure and laughs are out of this world...

A TV Movie directed by Lev L. Spiro

1996 - 81 minutes - Color - Ultra Stereo - NC

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Main Cast

  • Charlie
  • Rhonda
  • Joseph
  • Daphne
  • Detective Watts
  • Lieutenant Barnes
  • Jesse Sharp
  • Jamaal
  • Shaved Head Robber
  • Minister
  • Mailman
  • Melissa Rose
  • Alley Hood #1
  • Alley Hood #2
  • Skinhead #1

Also Known As

  • Roger Corman Presents 'Alien Avengers' (us)
  • Welcome to Planet Earth (us)

Release dates

  • August 03, 1996
  • August 03, 1996