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Alien Attack

(Alien Attack)


From the very first moment in time when man looked out into the Universe, our galaxy has been dominated by the Moon, the Earth's great natural satellite. This obsession led to the early primitive explorations in the mid twentieth century, and finally culminated in the lunar base of today: an advanced, complex instrument, self supporting in all aspects. The Command Centre, Moon Base Alpha, is a well established colonised space station regularly monitored and smoothly functioning, its very existence made possible by a specially developed support system fed by nuclear waste from Earth.

From this stepping stone in space the frontiers of the Universe can be extended, and the eternal search for other forms of life made possible. Even now, signals from the planet Meta are being received, signals that could be from intelligent beings: the mission, a manned probe. The ship stands ready and the crew complete their training. The year is two thousand one hundred...

A TV Movie directed by Charles Crichton, Lee H. Katzin, Bill Lenny

1976 - 104 minutes - Color - Mono - 1.33

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Main Cast

  • Commander John Koenig
  • Dr. Helena Russell
  • Professor Victor Bergman
  • Commissioner Gerald Simmonds
  • Male Alien
  • Female Alien
  • Paul Morrow
  • Sandra Benes
  • Dr. Bob Mathias
  • Alan Carter
  • Commander Anton Gorski
  • Benjamin Ouma
  • Eddie Collins
  • David Kano
  • Lunar Commission Chairman



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