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Warship USS Sulaco, back on its mission from Acheron, is sailing back to Earth. The survivors of the mission are Ellen Ripley, Corporal Hicks, the little girl Newt, the androïde Bishop and... an alien egg that belongs in the trip. The latter attacks one of the survivors in suspended animation, which provokes an evacuation procedure of the machine.

The rescue capsule crushes on planet Fury 161, a penitentiary planet where it is recuperated by fearsome captive criminals. Alone, Ripley survives to the crash of the capsule. She is transferred into the prison, leaving behind her the Alien in incubation...

A movie directed by David Fincher

1992 - 114 minutes - Color - Stereo - 2.20

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Also Known As

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Release dates

  • August 21, 1992
  • May 22, 1992
  • June 04, 1992
  • August 21, 1992
  • May 22, 1992