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The Snow Creature

(The Snow Creature)


Dr. Frank Parrish, a botanist working for a foundation leaves in expedition in Himalaya so as to pick up vegetal sepcimens in company of Peter Wells a photographer, Subra a Sherpa guide and holders. During the night, Leva, Subra's brother joins the camp so as to warn him Tala - his wife - has been removed by a snow creature. Subra then attempts to convince Parrish to leave in search of his wife but the botanist refuses convinced that the snow creature is only a local legend. The guide takes the arms and constrains Parrish and Wells to leave in search of his wife...

A movie directed by W. Lee Wilder

1954 - 69 minutes - Black & White - Mono - 1.37

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Main Cast

  • Dr. Frank Parrish
  • Peter Wells
  • Subra
  • Leva
  • Insp. Karma
  • Airline Manager
  • Joyce Parrish
  • Corey Jr.
  • Fleet
  • Harry Bennett
  • Dr. Louis Dupont
  • Lieutenant Dunbar
  • Edwards
  • Guard in Warehouse



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