This is the story of Billy Pilgrim who is ordinary in almost every respect but one: he has come unstuck in time and jumps back and forth in his life with no control over where he is going next. Part of one morning he might spend on a distant planet Tralfamadore with sexy movie bombshell Montana Wildhack, and at the same time be in a ditch in Belgium in World War II where he is set upon by GI's Paul Lazzaro and Roland Weary, and then captured by German soldiers. Then Billy finds himself on his honeymoon night with his bride, the overweight, but rich Valencia Merble. Back in the war, Billy is marching with other prisoners, when he is pulled from the line to pose for pictures for a German press photographer. And so it goes on, from past, to present, to future, until finally realizes that in order to survive even to his death which, again, jumping around in time, he watches in Philadelphia, he must concentrate on the good things and ignore the bad in life...

A movie directed by George Roy Hill

1972 - 104 minutes - Color - Mono - 1.37

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Main Cast

  • Billy Pilgrim
  • Paul Lazzaro
  • Edgar Derby
  • Valencia Merble Pilgrim
  • Montana Wildhack
  • Barbara Pilgrim
  • Robert Pilgrim
  • Roland Weary
  • German Leader
  • Young German Guard
  • Lionel Merble
  • Wild Bob Cody
  • Prof. Rumfoord
  • Stanley
  • Howard W. Campbell Jr.




$3 200 000

Also Known As

  • Бойня номер пять (inc)

Release dates

  • March 15, 1972
  • March 15, 1972