2103 : The Deadly Wake

(2103: The Deadly Wake)


Ten years after losing his ship and crew, a disgraced sea captain is given a chance to redeem himself when the powerful Proxate Corporation needs a shipment of synthetic protein ferried to refugees of The Nigerian War. Put in charge of the S.S. Lilith, a rat-infested supertanker crewed by the criminally insane, Captain Murdoch must also contend with a untrustworthy security officer and a hidden cargo of biochemical weapons capable of starting the apocalyptic 20 Minute Plague. Attacked from above by warplanes and from within by a mutinous crew, Murdoch is also brought face-to-face with an android killing machine whose objective is to send the Lilith to the nearest land...1,000 meters straight down!

A movie directed by Philip Jackson

1997 - 100 minutes - Color - Dolby - NC

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Also Known As

  • Hydrosphere (inc)

Release dates

  • August 26, 1997
  • August 26, 1997
  • October 09, 2001 (video premiere)