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20 Years After

(20 Years After)


In an apocalyptic future … twenty years of nuclear fallout, terrorism, and war, has left mankind on the verge of extinction. When all of civilization seems to be lost, an unassuming girl named Sarah, is discovered to be miraculously carrying the first child to be born in 15 years. But before Sarah can give birth she must first travel beyond the boundaries of the Southern Corridor, through a forbidding wasteland, and into the decimated city, where an unexpected radio signal becomes a lone beacon of hope. Sarah teams up with Samuel, an eccentric, but mystical man who possesses unusual powers and Michael. When a wicked warlord discovers Sarah's secret she hunts Sarah and her companions down in a desire to obtain the unborn child. What follows is an extraordinary adventure of survival through a devastated world. Together the survivors must endure a new frontier, confront a savage evil, and save the future of mankind...

A movie directed by Jim Torres

2008 - 95 minutes - Color - 1.78

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Worldwide Box-office
$1 000 000

Also Known As

  • Like Moles, Like Rats (us)

Release dates

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