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Alien Intruder

(Alien Intruder)


Four convicts get a chance to win their freedom by volunteering for what seems to be a routine salvage mission in space. Out of nowhere appears a mysterious and beautiful woman-which should be a welcomed event for four men confined in space! But soon, the captain begins to lose his grip on sanity. Crew members start dying. The Navigator-the only one who finally sees what's happening- realizes there's an alien on board with a deadly mission of it's own. Is it too late?

A movie directed by Ricardo Jacques Gale

1993 - 120 minutes - Color - NC

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Main Cast

  • Nick
  • Ariel
  • Cmdr. Skyler
  • Lloyd
  • D.J.
  • Peter
  • Borman
  • Capt. Loring
  • Warden O'Neil
  • Frank
  • Leo
  • Capt. Lubert
  • Marlon (Android body guard for Commander Skyler)
  • Annie
  • Tammy



Also Known As

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Release dates

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