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Set in a futuristic totalitarian society where individuality is forbidden. The ruler is the never-seen "Big Brother," whose minions have monitored and bugged the activities of the populace so that no one can harbor any "subversive" thoughts.Winston Smith, a government functionary satisfied with his lot, until he commits the illegal act of falling in love with Julia(a member of the anti-sex league)The lovers try to escape the all-powerful influence of Big Brother, but their every move is recorded by listening and viewing devices. Both are captured and sent to rehabilitation centers; preying upon Winston's and Julia's innermost fears, the lieutenants of Big Brother break down their resistance and force them to betray one another... (katelynn)

A movie directed by Michael Anderson

1956 - 90 minutes - Black & White - Mono - 1.37

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Main Cast

  • Winston Smith of the Outer Party
  • O'Connor of the Inner Party
  • Julia of the Outer Party
  • Charrington the Junk Shop Owner
  • Jones
  • R. Parsons
  • Selina Parsons
  • Outer Party Announcer
  • Inner Party Official
  • Rutherford
  • Outer Party Orator
  • Outer Party Orator
  • Prisoner

Also Known As

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Release dates

  • March 06, 1956
  • March 06, 1956