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The Satisfiers of Alpha Blue

(The Satisfiers of Alpha Blue)

March 30, 2015

THE SATISFIERS OF ALPHA BLUE is an interesting achievement. Although it's a typical porn film with uneven production values and frequently questionable acting, there are few moody and meaningful scenes that leave an impression. Gerard Damiano was a talented guy and sometimes, his skills flash like lightning into the middle of some otherwise dreary proceedings. Damiano's name on a film means that it is always worth watching for the possibility of something deeper than the usual porn fare. Known mainly for Deep Throat and The Devil in Miss Jones, Damiano obviously had at least some affinity for philosophical existentialism. This movie, which explores the melancholy of a hero who is not satisfied by mere sex, is an excellent example of Damiano's skill and his interest in story-telling. Richard Kerman (using the name R. Bolla) is quite effective as the unhappy Algon who falls in love with a "satisfier" named Diana. The sex is generally good and there is a wide variety of beautiful and sexy women engaging in sometimes well-performed sex. And from the Sci-Fi side, there is an interesting story about whether romantic love has any meaning at all.

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