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Spider-Man 3

(Spider-Man 3)

February 09, 2004

The weakest of the Spider-Man movies. The worst problem is that it has way too much villains. The first two had only one villain each, and this one features three. Sandman is okay, but making him the guy who killed Uncle Ben is a cheat (Tim Burton did the same thing in Batman). The new goblin looks more like the Rocket Racer (an extremely minor villain in the comics) than a goblin! Venom, however, is done perfectly. He's depicted as a scary monster, not just the average bad guy with superpowers. The only complaint on Venom is that he actually resembles Carnage a lot. Besides the three villains problem, the film is way too quickly paced (unlike the first two) and Gwen Stacey's final arrvial in the movies is a bit of a disapointment (well, that can be expected since her most important scene in the comics was used for Mary Jane instead). The film is okay, but not great like the other two movies were.

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