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May 17, 2003

When I saw it in the theaters, those big speakers really made you feel like you were inside the movie flying besides Spider-Man. Now to the movie itself. I'm a fan of the comics I collect them since i was like 10 years old, so i pretty much now everything there is to know about Spider-Man, and I found few problems that are just, small, easy to get past, details. Peter Parker never had wbing inside his hands, he had special bracelets taht he made himself.The only time he had web in his hands was when he turned into the four handed spider monster. But its actually better this way. Another problem was the Goblin costume for the fans of the comics its gonna look kind of silly, but found it easy to get past thinking that its a millitary suit. But the movie has some ground braking speciall effects, and emotional scenes are pretty powerfull, to me at least.Despite those comic flause its an incredibble movie. Seuall coming soon and I cant wait.

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