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The Invisible Man Returns

(The Invisible Man Returns)

October 26, 2001

This sequel to The Invisible Man, Geoffrey Radcliffe (Vincent Price) is an innocent man condemned to death for a murder he didn't commit. Radcliffe and his gal pal Helen (Nan Grey) convinces Dr. Frank Griffin (John Sutton), to inject him with the invisibility serum invented by his brother Jack in the first film. Dr. Griffin,against his better judgment does so, knowing that the serum will very likely drive Radcliffe insane. Sir Cedric Hardwicke co-stars as the real murderer, Richard Cobb, the lawyer who runs the business affairs of the colliery that Radcliffe owns. No actor has ever expressed hidden guilt better than Sir Cedric. Radcliffe invisibility enables him to easily outwit and elude the police led by Inspector Sampson (Cecil Kelloway). Radcliffe's behavior soon borders on madness unsettling Dr. Griffin and Helen. Their attempt to subdue the Invisible Radcliffe fails and once more he escapes the clutches of the police. Leading to a showdown between the murdered and the Invisible Man. Radcliffe remains sane long enough gain retribution against Cobb before he can kill him however, Radcliffe is shot and wounded by Sampson. As he weakens, Radcliffe gives himself up and is rushed to the hospital, where his life is saved by an emergency blood transfusion. The transfusion restores Radcliffe to visibility and we see his face for the first time as he professes his love to Helen.This is a real rarity among sequels in that it is nearly as good as the original. It's one of my favorites in this genre. I hope Universal remakes it someday with a woman assuming the role essayed by Vincent Price-Thandie Newton.

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