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The Ice Pirates

(The Ice Pirates)

January 04, 2002

Okay, so it's terribly derivative of just about every Sci-Fi EVER... but it's also DAMN funny. ;) This is one that requires you to have a brain, if only to catch all the slick humor that glosses over most people's heads when watching this film. Things to look out for? Oh, video game navigation... lots of Star Wars moments with strange twists to them... cool robots with bowel problems... space herpes... and best of all, a robot pimp! This movie is good fun to get drunk to.. Either you love this one, or you hate it and curse the bastard that told ya to watch it. ;) If you liked Rocky Horror, The Pirate Movie, Evil Dead II, or Dead Alive... this one's quirky humor might be right up your alley, but don't expect it to be of the same quality. ^_^

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