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June 24, 2003

I saw this movie the third day that it opened because i had no free time any sooner.The introduction of the movie was kind of like all other Marvel movies, it showed genes and some other stuff, no brainer. Then we get to see the main character, Bruce Banner. The first 15 to like 30 minutes of the movie are about him trying to come up with this special formula, then he has an accident and BOOM gets hit with gamma radiation. Couple days later in his office where he works ha gets pissed about his real father, and all other crap that has been pissing him off. RRRRROOOOOOAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He changes into the green, mean, unstapable musle bag machine. The special effects some crittics say arent that good, but the seemed preaty cool to me especially when his father touched hulks face, nice. So not to get into too much detail, the movie is great.

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