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Godzilla : Final Wars

(Gojira: Fainaru uôzu)

February 11, 2004

I wish they ended the series for good with GMK (Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah), but they finished the legendary Godzilla series with this instead. Despite how much my sister likes it, it's a great big disapointment to me. The film is supposedly a remake of Destroy All Monsters, but it seems more like a combination of many other movies.
20% Godzilla Destroy All Monsters Melee (The Video Game)
20% The Matrix (Especially all the fighting scenes and the whole 'Kaiser' idea)
15% Atragon (It even features the title ship)
15% Mothra
10% Independence Day
5% Warning From Space (The Warning of a planet about to collide with Earth, even though it's false this time)
5% Return of the Jedi (The destruction of the shield generator)
5% X-Men (The Mutant Human Sub-plot)
5% Power Rangers (The Mutants versus Ebraih scene)
You get the idea? While it's great that a large amount of classic Godzilla monsters are featured, it's terrible that most of them look pretty shabby. Strangely, Gigan is given a larger role than usual. The American Godzilla is featured for the first time against normal Godzilla (one of the movie's best scenes). Kaiser Ghidorah is a great big disappointment, he never actually moves after he changes to Kaiser Ghidorah and Godzilla beats him way to easily once he gathers some energy. Why do most of the fight scenes feature humans and not monsters? And when the monster battles do happen, their attacks are very human-like. There's even a shot where Godzilla is fighting Monster X and the film's good guy is fighting the Xilian leader at the same time, and Godzilla is doing the exact same moves as the hero!
Why, oh why did they put Milla in the movie??? That is the worst idea for a modern Godzilla movie ever!!! The only good character (not counting the monsters) is the Captain of the Gotengo. While there are some great moments, such as Manda fighting the Gotengo or Godzilla fighting his American Counterpart and beats him easily, the film is a failure.

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