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Battlestar Galactica

(Battlestar Galactica)

May 28, 2001

Battlestar Galactica ( B.G.) is an old fashioned space opera serie.Her you can find lovely heroes ( ... Starbuck my favorit...), splendid star cruisers ( just look at Galactica in the entry spot dont it make you feel small and lost and what a beatiful engine it is...), spectacular batles ( in the heavens and on the planets), worlds ... so similar to earth but so diffrent at the same time, races that human don't raly understand ... and all the time human sacrifices for the safety of all the human race.

In one word it is a graet science fictions serie ,completly in the 70' ideology ( that means there is sound in space , the look of the heroes is very 70'). This is a serie for all those who like great space opera in a little archaic look. Th.

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