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Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

(Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within)

May 17, 2003

This one is based on a game title. And if it isnt its an amazing coinsidence since names from from the games appear. There are 8 games that I counted that are made bu that title but the movie has no story connected to the game and its a shame because the games especially "Final Fantasy8" have a movie script in their story lines. FF8 has the most acceptible to me and the most fun. But back to the actuall movie itself awesome animation best in history and still unbeat by what I saw in other movie. A sequall? Defenitley but make it based on a game this time, and choose FF8 but make it a normall movie with real people Youll see it will be the graetest movie ever. If its directed by great directors like Spielberg or Cammrey.

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