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The Thing from Another World

(The Thing from Another World)

 Mike's Review

October 03, 2001

I give this movie a ten. The movie scenes realistic. There were no corny special affects and by not showing the alien monster too many times it kept you uneasy as to when it would popped up and attack. the actors were great in keeping up the dialog and the pace. there were no phoney cliches. And the banter between the air force pilots/crews seemed like the normal thing that went on with military personnel. The aurguments between the scientists about defrosting the body was especialy realistic with points and counter points. The one scene I was amazed they kept in was the scene with Kenith Toby and his girl friend (?) having drinks with her tying him up! That was racey for that era and I am suprised the censors left it alone! The UFO crash site scene seemed real. Too bad this movie wasnt filmed in color but the black and white gave it that sinister feel. I think it was better than John Carpenters version (had too many special affects). This movie was great!.

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