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Medical experiments - 114 movies

Title (Original title) (Year) 


Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


Hands of Orlac (the)

Orlacs Hände (1924)

Dr. Pyckle and Mr. Pryde


Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde




Doctor X


Mad Love


Raven (the)


Man Who Changed His Mind (the)


Revolt of the Zombies


Walking Dead (the)


Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


Ennemi sans visage (l')


Indestructible Man


Corridors of Blood


Revenge of Frankenstein (the)


She Demons


Alligator People (the)


Wasp Woman (the)


Hands of Orlac (the)


Dr. Blood's Coffin

Doctor Blood's Coffin (1961)

Marca del muerto (la)


Mr. Sardonicus


Amphibian Man (the)

Chelovek-Amfibiya (1962)

Awful Dr. Orloff (the)

Gritos en la noche (1962)

Hands of a Stranger


Horrible Dr. Hichcock (the)

L'orribile segreto del Dr. Hichcock (1962)

Doctor of Doom

Las luchadoras contra el médico asesino (1963)

Nutty Professor (the)




Face of Another (the )

Tanin no kao (1966)

Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed




Crimes of the Future


Cyborg ou le voyage vertical (le)

Le cyborg ou Le voyage vertical (1970) (TV movie)

Homme au cerveau greffé (l')


I, Monster


Incredible 2-Headed Transplant (the)


Thing with Two Heads (the)


Horror Hospital


Hunchback of the Morgue

El jorobado de la Morgue (1973)

Six Million Dollar Man (the)

(1973) (TV movie)

Twilight People (the )


Mutations (the)




Crimson, the Color of Blood

Las ratas no duermen de noche (1976)





Brood (the)