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Robots & Droids - 215 movies

Title (Original title) (Year) 


Master of the World

Der Herr der Welt (1934)

Gibel sensatsii


Phantom Creeps (the)


Day the Earth Stood Still (the)


Devil Girl From Mars

Devil Girl from Mars (1954)



Target Earth


Tobor the Great


Forbidden Planet


Der ideale Untermieter


Invisible Boy (the)




Aztec Mummy vs. the Human Robot

La momia azteca contra el robot humano (1958)

Colossus of New York (the)


Creation of the Humanoids (the)


Earth Dies Screaming (the)


Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine


Cyborg 2087


Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs

Le spie vengono dal semifreddo (1966)

Terror Beneath the Sea (the)

Kaitei daisensô (1966)

King Kong Escapes

Kingu Kongu no gyakushû (1967)

Passport to Death

Pasaporte a la muerte (1968)

Superargo and the Faceless Giants

L'invincibile Superman (1968)

Cyborg ou le voyage vertical (le)

Le cyborg ou Le voyage vertical (1970) (TV movie)

Tin Girl (the )

La ragazza di latta (1970)

Silent Running


Six Million Dollar Man (the)

(1973) (TV movie)

Six Million Dollar Man: Solid Gold Kidnapping (the)

(1973) (TV movie)

Six Million Dollar Man: Wine, Women and War (the)

(1973) (TV movie)





Giant and Jumbo A


Hanuman Vs. Seven Ultraman

Urutora 6-kyodai tai kaijû gundan (1974)

Questor Tapes (the)

(1974) (TV movie)


Zhong guo chao ren (1975)

Stepford Wives (the)


Teens in the Universe

Otroki vo vselennoy (1975)

Collectionneur des cerveaux (le )

(1976) (TV movie)



Logan's Run



(1977) (TV movie)

Star Wars






Black Hole (the)


Buck Rogers in the 25th Century


Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack

(1979) (TV movie)

Spaceman and King Arthur (the)


Test pilota Pirxa