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104 movies found starting with 'N'

Title (Original title) (Year) 




Naked Alien Massacre


Naked Souls




Natural City


Navire étoile (le)

(1962) (TV movie)

Navy vs. the Night Monsters (the)


Nazis at the Center of the Earth

(2012) (video)

Neanderthal Man (the)






Nemesis 2: Nebula

(1995) (video)

Nemesis 4: Death Angel

(1996) (video)

Nemesis III: Prey Harder

(1996) (video)


Némo ou la révolte du Nautilus (1970) (TV movie)

Neon City


Neptune Factor (the)



(1999) (TV movie)

Neutron and the Black Mask

Neutrón el enmascarado negro (1960)

Neutron Battles the Karate Assassins

Los asesinos del karate (1965)

Neutron Traps the Invisible Killers

El asesino invisible (1965)

Neutron vs. the Maniac

Neutrón contra el criminal sádico (1964)

Never Let Me Go


Never Say Never Again


New Alcatraz


New Crime City


New Kids Nitro


New Moon


New Mrs. Keller (the)


New Mutants (the)


New Rose Hotel




Nick Fury


Night and Fog


Night at the Museum


Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian


Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb


Night Caller (the)


Night Fright


Night Gallery

(1969) (TV movie)

Night Key


Night of the Big Heat


Night of the Blood Beast


Night of the Comet


Night of the Creeps


Night of the Dead: Leben Tod

(2006) (video)

Night of the Ghouls


Night of the Hunted

La nuit des traquées (1980)

Night of the Lepus