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 Production Company
Paramount Television

17 titles

Title (Original title) (Year)
Mission: Impossible

(1966) (series)

Star Trek

(1966) (series)

Immortal (the )

(1969) (series)

Future Cop

(1976) (series)

Clone Master (the )

(1978) (TV movie)

Mork & Mindy

(1978) (series)

Star Trek: The Next Generation

(1987) (series)

War of the Worlds

(1988) (series)

E.A.R.T.H. Force

(1990) (series)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

(1993) (series)


(1995) (series)

Star Trek: Voyager

(1995) (series)

I Married a Monster

(1998) (TV movie)

Lost in the Bermuda Triangle

(1998) (TV movie)

Escape from Mars

(1999) (TV movie)

Last Man on Planet Earth (the)

(1999) (TV movie)

Star Trek: Enterprise

(2001) (series)