British Lion Film Corporation

24 titles

Title (Original title) (Year)
Things to Come

(1936) (cinema)

Undersea Kingdom

(1936) (series) (cinema)

Fighting Devil Dogs (the)

(1938) (series) (cinema)

Adventures of Captain Marvel

(1941) (cinema)

Captain America

(1944) (cinema)

Captain America

(1944) (cinema)

Captain America

(1944) (cinema)

Lady and the Monster (the)

(1944) (cinema)

Purple Monster Strikes (the)

(1945) (cinema)

Purple Monster Strikes (the)

(1945) (cinema)

Crimson Ghost (the)

(1946) (cinema)

King of the Rocket Men

(1949) (cinema)

Flying Disc Man from Mars

(1950) (series) (cinema)

Unknown World

(1951) (cinema)

Radar Men from the Moon

(1952) (cinema)

Zombies of the Stratosphere

(1952) (series) (cinema)

Invaders from Mars

(1953) (cinema)

Devil Girl From Mars

Devil Girl from Mars (1954) (cinema)

Angry Red Planet (the)

(1959) (cinema)

Day the Earth Caught Fire (the)

(1961) (cinema)

Lord of the Flies

(1963) (cinema)

I, Monster

(1971) (cinema)

Land That Time Forgot (the)

(1974) (cinema)

At the Earth's Core

(1976) (cinema)