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Republic Pictures (I)

19 titles

Title (Original title) (Year)
Undersea Kingdom

(1936) (series) (cinema)

Fighting Devil Dogs (the)

(1938) (series) (cinema)

Mysterious Doctor Satan

(1940) (series) (cinema)

Adventures of Captain Marvel

(1941) (cinema)

Captain America

(1944) (cinema)

Lady and the Monster (the)

(1944) (cinema)

Purple Monster Strikes (the)

(1945) (cinema)

Crimson Ghost (the)

(1946) (cinema)

King of the Rocket Men

(1949) (cinema)

Flying Disc Man from Mars

(1950) (series) (cinema)

Lost Planet Airmen

(1951) (cinema)

Radar Men from the Moon

(1952) (cinema)

Zombies of the Stratosphere

(1952) (series) (cinema)

Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe

(1953) (series) (cinema)

Tobor the Great

(1954) (cinema)

Beginning of the End

(1957) (cinema)

Unearthly (the)

(1957) (cinema)

Missile Monsters

(1958) (cinema)

Satan's Satellites

(1958) (cinema)