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The Manhattan Project




17 year old Paul Stephens is a high spirited student with a girl friend, a deep curosity about how things work, and hopes of winning first prize at a science fair... the project he builds is a fully operational bomb.

Us release date: June 13, 1986

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Us poster from the movie The Manhattan Project

Main Cast

  • John Mathewson
  • Government Aide
  • Government Aide
  • Général
  • Scientist
  • Scientist
  • Lab Assistant
  • Paul Stephens
  • Elizabeth Stephens
  • Jenny Anderman
  • Science Teacher
  • Roland
  • Max
  • Tennis
  • Craig

Also Known As

  • Игра со смертью (inc)
  • Манхэттенский проект (inc)
  • Deadly Game (us)

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