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A mysterious message - "Eolomea" - is received on Earth from a sector of space. Within three days, eight cargo ships disappear from the sector, and a space station goes silent. What is Eolomea - and who on Earth knows about it?

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Main Cast

  • Prof. Maria Scholl
  • Daniel Lagny
  • Prof. Oli Tal
  • Kun, the pilot
  • Pierre Brodsky
  • Chairman
  • Navigator
  • Capt. Sima Kun
  • Scholl's co-worker
  • Griva
  • Sima Kun's adjutant
  • 1st Rescue technician
  • 2nd Rescue technician
  • 3rd Rescue technician
  • Receptionist

Also Known As

  • Еоломея (bg)
  • Эоломея (inc)

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