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"They're here," playful at first...but not for long. A storm erupts, a tree attacks and little Carol Anne Freeling is whisked away into a spectral void. As her family confronts horrors galore, something else is here too: a new benchmark in Hollywood ghost stories. Producers Steven Spielburg and Frank Marshall and director Tobe Hoooper head the elite scream team of this classic. Welcome to Home Sweet Haunted Home.

British release date: September 16, 1982
Us release date: June 04, 1982

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Us poster from the movie Poltergeist

Main Cast

  • Steve Freeling
  • Diane Freeling
  • Dr. Lesh
  • Dana Freeling
  • Robbie Freeling
  • Carol Anne Freeling
  • Ben Tuthill
  • Mrs. Tuthill
  • Marty
  • Ryan
  • Tangina
  • Mr. Teague
  • Pugsley
  • Bulldozer Driver
  • Jeff Shaw

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