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When a group of stoners realize their socks have gone missing due to a malfunctioning washing machine, they stumble over an evil Blahnonian plot to destroy the environment and drain the Earth of all Socks. Can our heroes and their new alien friend Bubbles stop the Blahnonians from destroying the Earth, one sock at a time?

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Us poster from the movie Asockalypse!

Main Cast

  • Khalil
  • Nervous Blahnonian / Hurried
  • Customer
  • Computer Blah
  • Alyce
  • Beaming Blahnonian 2
  • Marty
  • Hipster
  • Doug
  • Bobbing Blahnonian / Torture
  • Dr. Faqr Bhatt
  • Bubbles
  • Random Blahnonian #1 / Monit
  • UPS Delivery Guy
  • Playful / Dazed Blahnonian


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